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Our Partners

Our kitchens are complemented by appliances from the very best Italian and international brands. We are constantly looking for prestigious and reliable partners that allow us to maintain a high level of quality in the kitchens we offer.

Our Solutions

Catalogo Patriarca light

Designed fundamentally for young but demanding couples, the kitchens from the Patriarca Light range are distinguished by their exclusive and attractive design and for the decidedly superior quality of the materials used.


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Catalogo Patriarca Plus

The result of a clever mix between technological innovation and contemporary design, the kitchens in the Patriarca Plus range are the ideal answer for clients that are looking for quality and exclusivity. Come and discover what we have to offer!


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Catalogo Patriarca Wood

If you are looking for a kitchen based specifically on your needs and using high quality materials, we present you with our top of the range line, Patriarca Wood, which offers beautiful, practical and sophisticated solutions.


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Catalogo Patriarca Modern

Innovative solutions, capable of transforming a technical detail into an aesthetic detail that creates a refined sign of great visual impact and great practicality.

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Catalogo Patriarca Design

Imagine the perfect fusion between the wisdom of craftsmanship and the potential of technology, combine it with the value of a refined design and add the unique touch of your personality.

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Our process

  • Passion
  • Planning
  • Design
  • Research

We could not do our job so well if we didn’t have a big, huge passion! We like to create environments that meet the needs of our customers and reflect their personalities, we like to create kitchens that are beautiful to look at, incredibly pleasant to use and that are able to withstand time and fashion …

We dedicate a large part of our time to design, because our kitchens must enter your home and integrate with it. The kitchen is the meeting place of the family, it is the place that makes your everyday life comfortable … Only a successful design can make it functional and pleasant at the same time.

Design is one of the key elements of our products. The kitchens of the lines proposed by Love My Kitchen are all linked by a common thread called Design: never standardized proposals, but always solutions that are unique at first sight.

We are constantly committed to research: to finding the best partners, the best materials and the most advanced technological solutions. For us this comes down to the search for quality and beauty to offer those who are looking for a kitchen that is truly one of a kind.



Patriarca Love my Kitchen, a company based in Nociglia, in the province of Lecce, designs and builds its own kitchens in Italy. The Made in Italy quality, combined with the architects and designers that you will find ready to assist you in our showrooms, make us the ideal partner to turn to when creating or renovating your kitchen.

Our philosophy

With the Patriarca Love My Kitchen project we have chosen to adopt a more efficient production model, which allows us to reduce costs without sacrificing quality. Our philosophy is to offer a wide range of possible choices in line with your expectations and your budget.


We have designed a showroom in which you will not only be able to see some of the designs that we offer, but in which you will also have a space to talk with our architects and designers along with a lounge area where you can relax as you let your ideas take shape...

Patriarca Love My Kitchen

Patriarca Love My Kitchen is an ambitious project with the customer at its centre: thanks to the versatility of our proposals and our three brands - each of which targets a different customer - we are able to respond to your requests with the best, most functional and aesthetically-pleasing solutions.


We offer a catalogue bursting with proposals, ideal for every style of interior and also for every budget. Come and have a look around our catalogue and discover the offerings of our three brands: classic, modern, contemporary, made to measure or modular, our kitchens will enchant you...

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Ogni mese un'offerta imperdibile sulle nostre cucine: rimani collegato al nostro sito per essere sempre aggiornato sulle ultime proposte e per non perdere le occasioni proposte da Patriarca Love My Kitchen. Avere una cucina esclusiva non è mai stato così semplice!