This model is characterised by the particular design of the grip recess – a technicality that becomes an aesthetic detail that creates a refined and continuous feature on base and tall units.

The base units with the extra height of 87cm offer the possibility of an enhanced storage space inside the kitchen.

The Kessebohmer tall unit “Pegasus” offers the possibility for the larder to pull-out completely for easy access.

The use of materials and volumes of the tops that are connected to each other, give rise to a central island with a strong aesthetic value.

The wardrobe is distinguished by the 60 cm wide tall units with doors 65 cm wide that cover the side of the open element with shelves at a reduced depth. This allows the insertion of lateral Led that illuminate the open unit.

The open elements are also reproduced on the central island, thus obtaining a formal continuity and a further free containment space.


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