Minimalism is expressed through a project consisting of a very slim door featuring a painted aluminium structure to which a panel is applied, available in a great variety of finishes and materials ranging from glass to wood veneers and including Gres, allowing any style to be interpreted to perfection. Rough textures, slim panels and metal edges paired with handle-less channels design a kitchen featuring clean-cut, well-organised lines that becomes the hub of a setting readapted to accommodate an open space plan.

Base, wall and tall units as well as peninsula tables are in grafite Eucalyptus paired with drawers and worktops in Focos Roccia Gres. Eucalyptus peninsula tabletop.

The shelving unit with its open metal structure fits into the peninsula base units and becomes a partition that divides the kitchen from the living room. The uprights are in iron painted with a black finish while the shelves are in Eucalyptus wood veneer.

A practical space below the worktop is dedicated to H12 Gres drawers that create a single block with the top, giving the kitchen an elegant, linear appeal.


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