Elegance, refinement and utmost freedom in terms of finishes are offered thanks to a door with a faced aluminium frame and a handle-less channel. Refined materials, paired with metal details and accessories, together with an arrangement featuring minimalist volumes installed in an open space, create a kitchen that becomes the focus of a classic-contemporary setting

Arrangement with Gres Noir Desir base units and worktops; tall units with Black framed doors and Bronz mirror glass. A slim, open, metal structure creates an open shelving unit that becomes a partition dividing the kitchen from the living area. The uprights are in Black-finish painted iron and the shelves are lacquered in Aluminium Brass metal.

Thanks to the particular strength of this material, Gres favours the creation of very slim slabs while its colour remains unaltered over time, making your kitchen eternal.

Functionality and aesthetics describe the inside of the accessorised tall unit thanks to the possibility of veneering the surface with Nero Elm and facing the drawer fronts with Gres Noir Desir.


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